3650 - not completed, phone stolen comment

The 3650 is a great improvement on my previous phone but it still has some interface niggles.

This is a personal review so I will be referring to myself rather than some general and nebulous 'user'



Address Book
The address book remembers where you were last, which sounds like a good thing, but it violates a simple principle; I do not want to have to guess where I'm going to end up when I navigate somewhere. A click on the address book should open the address book, not inside my friend Janine's details. The problem with this is that I cannot assume what's going to be behind the button so I have to look at the screen. I cannot anticipate my destination so I cannot get ready with further navigation, such as typing in 'h' and 'o' to call home. I have to look at where I am, then often click a 'back' button. How ludicrous is that? It's like walking into an office and going straight to the loo because I used the loo last time I was there!

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