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Please note that this is an under-funded, bleeding-edge, demo & exploration so it is slower than we would like it to be, and there are many features missing, as you can see by greyed out items.

Just point, wait for the menu and choose your command. You can also drag-select text and use the hyperwords menu on that whole selection, not just individual words. This does not currently work in all browsers however. For more (and there is plenty more to know) have a look at: Intro/Help

Please note that none of these demos are produced with the coperation or endorsements of the respective companies:


Why not try the live hyperwords on Doug Engelbart's seminal 1962 paper 'Augmenting Human Intellect'? It's huge, over 300kb, and there are still typos in there from the original transcription, but it's fun to play with: 'Augmenting Human Intellect' Doug Engelbart's website with color coding is a useful example of what a pre-made Color Set could look like (though it's done manually for this example). Notice how the different colors denote different types of subject, with his name in green, his organization in blue and technologies in orange and so on. This is to help quick skimming - to help you find the sections of the document you are looking for without reading all of it. Quick, find out what kind of a corporation the Bootstrap Institute (remember, 'Bootstrap' is in blue) : ''

You can turn almost any website into a live hyperwords site. Click here and type in your own web address:

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