iMac The Great NC comment


Un-printed readers letter sent to UK MacUser which, for the record, received a polite, intelligent reply.


OK Adam, now you're asking for it ;)

Your anti NC editorial (2 October). Let's argue some important semantics. What is an NC? Anything without a hard drive, or a machine which has been born and bred for the networked environment? I think we'll agree on the latter.

And look at the wonder Mac, the iMac, a network beast if ever there was one. And it's unsaddled by a floppy drive, prompting NASA and the Feds to take a closer look. This is what an NC is all about, the Network, we already have the Computer part implemented up the yin-yang.

Maybe I'm going out on a limb here, but an NC is more a philosophy of network centric-ism than a machine spec, non? Hey, a mainframe or a mobile phone, if it lets you work on your same data in the same ways as all your other devices they could, if you crawl out on this limb with me, be considered NC's right?

So all hail the intelligent NC, the one which takes advantage of local processing power and temporary storage and good riddance (well, they never really existed anyways) to the caricature of Larry's 70's come 90's dumb terminals.


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