Liquid M.A.P. comment

Welcome to Liquid MAP - the unique mobile phone, PC & PDA featuring the ridge-interface and true upgradeability.




Is M.A.P a PC? Yes. The M.A.P. is a great little thing. It will remind you of Apple's Titanium laptop. Imagine a Titanium which is missing the keyboard and well, the whole bottom part. And which is shrunk. It's a jacket pocket sized flat panel with not much visible in the way of controls.

It is light, small and features a high resolution color display. How's 1152 pixels by 768 pixels, the exact same as the original Titianium?

M.A.P. runs MacOS X Mobile. It has 10 Gigs of storage and 256MB RAM. Wireless connections are included, Bluetooth or Airport, depending on model. The CPU is snappy and battery life long.

Dream machine? Wake up with one in your hand and just grin.


What are the physical aspectys to the M.A.P? Wider than a Palm, just as thin and same weight. True A6 (think of an A4 sheet of regular letter paper folded twice) size with a minimal frame.


Is M.A.P? a PDA? Yes. The PDA part of M.A.P. is supported through OS X, with a great suite of iApps to take care of your PDAing needs.


Is M.A.P? a Phone? Yes. The phone part of the M.A.P is quite simply impressive. An ear piece with a tiny, simple remote control lets you talk in peace. Caller ID displays the callers name, but the M.A.P. also includes TelephonyLiSA, so you can choose to have callers announced when they call: "Your wife is on the line".


What about synchronization? The M.A.P. runs all of the iApps and automatically, transparently synchronies with your desktop and laptop home and office machines, whaterver you want. You never have to think about synchronization.


How expandable is M.A.P? Covers (with lid and without) can be changed. The user accessible slot underneath can house a camera or a memory card. The frame is ultra light so you may want to start thiinking of your little electronic device as a keeper, not a disposable item anymore. As we introduce new models, they will get faster and more capable of course. But we will always have one model in the exact same frame as the M.A.P 2002. In other words, the whole thing is upgradeable.


Why the name M.A.P? M.A.P. stands for Media Access Point. Now that text documents, video, email, music and pretty much all our information is digital, that is to say lives on a computer and can travel across networks to a myriad of devices, like traditional PCs, PDAs and phones, it makes little sense in thinking about these devices as separate media anymore- they all give us the same information, just packaged differently. Hence Media Access Point. The MAP of Cyberspace with lets you instantly get to whatever you want.


The ridge interface The Liquid M.A.P. features a dynamic interface which only exists on its display but still allows for tactile feedback without the need for futuristic exotic technologies.

The interface elements are all displayed along the edges of the device- buttons, sliders etc. as appropriate.

On top of the glass, going all the way around the display, close to the edge, is a raised glass ridge.

This ridge allows the user to feel the place where the interface elements are, to 'hold on to' them.

This way the user can quickly slide around when navigating a document and also learn where the buttons are without having to look for them.


Shell & Parts Well, the Liquid M.A.P. as you see it in the store, is pretty much just shell. A very light, sturdy shell into which you can order and combination of spec'd parts. You can also order preconfigured versions.

Cover The outside of the M.A.P. is a simple covering. You can snap a myriad of covers on your M.A.P. Some come with a lid. Others do not. Some are sturdy, some are simple and elegant.

Expansion Slot There is also an expansion slot at the bottom of the M.A.P. Here you can plug in a memory card or even a camera.


Want one? Tell Apple to build one. There is no Sci-Fi here.

©2002 The Liquid Information Company