No Open/Save Dialog Box comment

The Open/Save dialog Box is just plain too small. Why not let the user have the whole desktop in which to roam when saving a document?


Many have argued that we shouldn't need to save at all, it should all happen automatically for us.

Creating a new document and 'Saving As' are different stories though. This is where we control how the computer store different versions of a document. The most incredible thing about folders and documents is that we get to create any structure we want. Automatic filing systems or listing systems are great. This is just about how to let the user package and file his or her information how he or she wants.





SO YOU SAY YOU WANT TO SAVE YOUR FILE. Great, just choose 'Save' from the 'File' menu or 'Command' 'S' as you always have done. And you get teleported to a desktop in 'Save' mode:

A highlighted new entry appears in whatever folder was in the foreground. It contains info about your file and prompts you to type in a name. Notice that you have the application you are saving from grayed out in the background. Notice also that the arrow cursor now has a document hanging of it, emphasizing that you are now about to 'Save', or place a document.

If you didn't want to save here, you may simply open any folder you want, and a highlighted new entry will follow you until you either click on your previous application or type 'Command'-'Period' to cancel.





BUT WHAT IF YOU WANT A NEW FILE? I'm glad you asked. Same as before; you simply type in 'Command'-'N' or choose 'New' from the 'File' Menu. Then we are back to the highlighted new entry which is now blank. You may now type in image size or whatever info would be applicable to your data type, as well as a name, and whammo, it opens to the application you were in. You weren't in a application? Hey, it'll launch it. But what application? You choose by clicking the document icon (illustrated here as a generic 'Photoshop' icon) and choose from the resulting pop-up menu which application you want the new document to be for. Cool eh?!


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