Superfolder  comment


A quick way to narrow down what you see in a folder.


Do you have any folders which contain a couple of hundred (or more) items? Then Superfolders might be for you.

Superfolders allow you to quickly and dynamically change what you see in an open folder:


Superfolder showing of listing options

Here you can see the addition of a text box below the 'Name' field and two pop-up menus below the 'Date Modified' and 'Size' fields.

The super part happens when you enter something into the 'Name' text field- only documents matching what you have entered are listed as normal. All other documents are listed grayed out below them (in case you get concerned they want away).

Same thing happens when you choose an option from the 'Date Modified' pop-up or the 'Size' pop-up- only those documents (or folders) which match your criteria are listed. Great for those huge folders of emails and such.

The options for 'Date Modified' are suggested to include (further research necessary):

The options for 'Size' are suggested to include (further research necessary):

Of course, adding 'Type' to the system would not hurt either :-)




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