Who We Are

The Liquidnformation Research Project is a simple research project into how we can give web surfers more control over web pages. The deeper issue is text manipulation and the digestion of information - in the aid of helping us solve urgent complex problems in accordance with Doug Engelbart's mission statement.

The company which is building on this work is The Hyperwords Company which has a larger advisory board.


Frode Hegland Director

Frode Hegland is the guy who is trying to go back to the basics, back to the visions of the pioneers, to put together systems which will enhance our ability to digest information. He was born in Norway, has lived in Singapore, California, New York and now lives in London. He graduated from Syracuse University in 1994, with an advertising degree. 2004 earned him a masters in Human Computer Interaction from University College London Interaction Center. He designed the way-too-far-ahead-of-its-time Liquid Information email as well as LiSA, the Liquid Information Speaking Assistant. With Fleur Klijnsma he produced the Invisible Revolution documentary. About Frode.

Mikhail Seliverstov Head Programmer.

Mikhail Seliverstov is a IT professional having about 12 years of experience. PhD in CS since 2002. He is also the assistant professor of CAD department of Penza State University (Russia). Mikhail works as independent contractor in cooperation with Steve Schmidt at eJobShop since 2000. Currently Mikhail is the lead programmer of LiSA as well as Liquid Information/Hyperwords.

Steve Schmidt Project Manager.

Steve Schmidt has over 20 years of experience in the commercial software industry, including positions in software development, customer support, engineering management, marketing, and sales. Prior to founding eJobShop in 1998, as VP of Marketing for embedded software firm Microtec, Steve lead its early entry into the Java market. Steve has lived on both US coasts as well as in Asia and Europe, and holds engineering and business degrees from Stanford University. 

advisory board & inspiration

Doug Engelbart

Doug Engelbart invented much of modern interactive computing as we know it, including the mouse, word processing and hypertext.

Doug on the Hyperwords Project: “I honestly think that you are the first person I know that is expressing the kind of appreciation for the special role which IT can (no, will) play in reshaping the way we can symbolize basic concepts to elevate further the power that conditioned humans can derive from their genetic sensory, perceptual and cognitive capabilities.”
InvisibleRevolution.net - Bootstrap.org.

Ted Nelson

Theodor Holm Nelson invented the term "hypertext" in 1965, and is a pioneer of information technology. He also coined the words transclusion and intertwingularity.
Nelson is currently a visiting professor at Oxford University, and a philosopher who works in the fields of information, computers, and human-machine interfaces. He founded Project Xanadu in 1960 with the goal of creating such a system on a computer network, further documented in his 1974 book Computer Lib / Dream Machines and the 1981 Literary Machines.

Ted on the Hyperwords Project: Hyperwords breaks the iron prison of the web browser.

Bruce Horn

Bruce Horn was responsible for a number of the key aspects of the original Macintosh. At Apple, Bruce was responsible for the design and implementation of the Finder, the type/creator metadata mechanism for files and applications, and the Resource Manager (which handled reading and writing of the resource fork in files). The Dialog Manager and the multi-type aspect of the clipboard also appeared thanks to Bruce.